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I was sitting in a car on surveillance when I was 10 years old. Well, I wasn’t on surveillance, I was bribed with a pack of chewing gum and a Girlfriend magazine to come and sit in a car next to a playground to wait for the subject to appear. My father had been surveilling a man and had learnt that, like any good father, the subject took his kids to the park. My father can’t just show up wielding a camera at a children’s playground. …

What I feel I have learnt most from the COVID-19 pandemic is how anti-intellectual we are. Discussions these days have a very distinct framework that has been set out for us by the ‘news’ media, ‘social’ media and those who govern us. Any type of free thought or musing beyond business, gardening, cooking or parenting seems to be a complete and shocking travesty. Asking a question or saying something outside of the framework we have been given is totally dismissed and your intelligence put into question.

Most of us in the west have chosen a ‘central’ form of existence. Naturally…

“Wisdom in all worldly affairs, it seems to me, consists not in recognizing what must be done but in knowing what to do first and then what comes after.”

A towering man whose life was concerned with purpose, pain and prose but love none the less was there and valued above all. Count Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy is a Russian Literary giant and a century after his death, his life is still looked upon in reverence from some and disdain from others. Fallen into the pages of history, like many before him, he has become legend and the idea that he…

Trace Labs, OSINT, Capture the flag, CTF, Osint for good
Trace Labs, OSINT, Capture the flag, CTF, Osint for good

Last year I started on my OSINT training journey and its been one hell of a ride so far…! The internet is like a terrible spouse that betrays you at every turn. You think you know them and they seem reasonable and straight forward enough but they’re not. Our level of attribution (digital footprint) on the internet is astounding. Many things that we think are:
- private — are not
- deleted — nope, its still there
- are not tracking our movements — are definitely tracking you

In fact its just safe to assume that nothing is private, nothing…

Charlie Sierra Yankee

Investigator, OSINT, philosophy, crypto, gamer, science, psychology, anything that takes my fancy and so many things do!

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